Kimberley Parsons on inner guidance provided by Theresa.

I really want to give myself permission to come see you, to trust myself when I want a session. So often I’ve postponed because I’m not sure what I would bring or the issue seems not important enough. But every single time, I leave thinking “I’m so glad I came”.

I was looking at the tip of the iceberg, and we end up unveiling so much more. And I head back home feeling grounded, clear, spacious, simply joyful. Thank you.


I met with Theresa because I was feeling so completely overwhelmed and depressed with life. I felt like I was being crushed with sadness and didn’t know what to do.  After an extremely difficult 1.5 years with much loss I truly wondered if sticking around 2 wake up in the morning was worth it. 

We only chatted for about an hour and a bit. I found the energy I felt from Theresa was happy,  light and healing. I must say I was shocked at her understanding and knowledge of how my mind and soul where in such turmoil. She helped me to understand the root of my issues and how to start understanding them and let them go.  I felt such peace after that session. I could feel that my energy had made a shift for the better.  I have taken her advice and started to make sure every day I get some quality time to just sit and experience how I am feeling and slowly ground myself so I can handle the good and not so good that comes my way.

I don’t feel as sad as i did before. It will take time and several more conversation with Theresa to really get grounded. But I am feeling better and better every day.

Thank you Theresa!

Roberta T

To improve my well-being, I started seeing Theresa for assistance in dealing with the effects of some long-standing emotional and physical trauma.  During my third visit, I mentioned to Theresa that discomfort under my right shoulder blade (in an area where I have scar tissue) had recently worsened and was interfering with my sleep. Theresa said she noticed that my energy appeared to be blocked in the center of my chest and suggested a breathing technique to use to release the blockage.  She also suggested that the blocked energy might be connected to the discomfort under my shoulder blade (that was something that I had not considered until then).  As I breathed using the technique that she suggested, Theresa accompanied me and after a few minutes I felt lighter and freer throughout my entire body.  A few hours later I checked in with my body and found that the discomfort I felt earlier was remarkably diminished.  For over a week now, I have had very restful sleeps.  Thank you, Theresa, for being so supportive and helpful and for raising my awareness of what I might be doing to myself that could hinder my feelings of wellbeing.  I am continuously impressed with the results I experience from “Alternative Healing Therapists” like Theresa.

WendyLou Christy

“I felt a sense of freedom from the fog that had engulfed me for so long. I’ve become more serene and able to articulate my needs without a sense of guilt or minimization of my feelings. And with this new awareness, the fear of being rejected for expressing my feelings is no longer holding me back. I have been able to articulate my point of view calmly without any anger or fear.I cannot thank you enough for being my interface and facilitating my awareness that I’m precious and enough just as I am”


I would highly recommend Theresa as a massage therapist.  She is finely tuned to what your body needs and has a large toolkit of techniques to draw from to meet those needs.  I have enjoyed some shamanic work and NLP as well as fabulous relaxing massages.    She is a keen listener and can help you release emotional as well as physical blocks to moving forward.  She is always positive and I leave feeling grounded and uplifted.  I look forward to all my appointments with her.


Theresa is a one of a kind teacher, healer, and mentor. She shares her “medicine” & gifts with an open heart and spirit of generosity that is rare. I feel blessed our paths crossed. Thank you!

Sandra Veer

Just a quick note to thank you for fixing my back. I don’t know how you doit, but you help me to fix myself. You have magic hands and a magic elbow, my back is so much better!

I’m relying on you to keep me a ‘supple construction worker’.

Paul W

I have been seeing Theresa before moving to the Comox valley. She has so many resources, so much body work experience. When combined with her intuitive abilities, one always leaves with more insight and feeling better.

Jenesse Oakhurst

I have made quite a ‘leap’ into the ‘further reaches’ of treatment modalities, and begun to read more deeply. But what is perhaps most fascinating to me is that while I may have appeared to be ‘going forward’, I have also (inwardly) done a lot of ‘going backward’. My time with you has been both totally reinforcing to me, as well as giving me the confidence to go forward with confidence….

It’s as if my foundation in metaphysics and now in healing practice has been shored up in my own mind. I am now ready to step forward after many years of being tentative about my own beliefs and practices. And that is profound.

Thank you.

Patricia M. Clapp B.Ed, M.Ed, MBA

I suffered a back injury in late April. Chiropractic adjustments, pain medications and rest helped. It is late August but I can still feel that something is not right. I am cautious with everyday tasks. I don’t want to injury my back again. I decide to visit Theresa since she has helped me before.

1st visit I receive energy work and massage during my first treatment. I leave feeling lighter, rejuvenated. Light, sounds and smells are more pronounced. I can’t stop smiling and feel a kind of “high”. It’s hard to describe. I am wondering if I should be driving. These sensations last for days. Negative stuff that before would linger and affect me doesn’t seem to take hold. I am a bit sore for a few days but this fades and I now have much improved movement.

2nd visit This time massage only. It is a really workout. I leave feeling the same sensations as my first visit but this time I walk home. It seems to take a long time and I enjoy every moment. I am sore the next morning but this fades within a day. The pain and lack of motion that I felt in my hips and lower back before the first treatment is now completely gone. I am able to make pottery on the wheel with no restrictions or difficulties. I haven’t felt this good in months.

I plan to go back regularly to see Theresa. She is a true healer of body, mind and spirit.

Jeff Brett

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Theresa’s body/energy work several times. Each time has been quite different—and very powerful. I always leave her place feeling more connected, relaxed, balanced and centered after a treatment.

Theresa knows many different modalities and knows intuitively what will work best at the time. I have experienced powerful changes each time I have had a treatment from her—a wonderful gift to my body, mind, and soul. I highly recommend her to anybody I hear complaining of issues.

Norma R.

Theresa has an innate ability to make you forget about your aches and pains during her sessions. She confidently moves the knots out of my body so I sleep better and move a little bit easier the next day. I strongly recommend her services and will definitely book another session soon.

Linda Graceffo, Sparkling Graphics

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the sessions with you – the hands-on as well as the mind-body healing techniques. Your queries and our resulting discussions have a powerful, long-term effect on my wellness. You’re a gem!


Theresa is both a friend and a mentor. I have had the opportunity and the privilege to receive energy work as part of that relationship and as part of my long journey of healing. The work we have done together has had a profound impact on my life, shifting and releasing deep-rooted grief, challenging me in a positive way to find the full expression of taking leadership in my life, and helping nurture deep acceptance of myself. Theresa brings a child’s whole-hearted joy to the work she does, and a genuine glee. I have also noticed an iron core that gives her tremendous strength, and the ability to guide clients like me in the best way possible. I have valued each of our sessions together, and highly recommend her work to anyone seeking energy healing and guidance.

Kenzie Andrews

Hi Theresa, thank you for yesterday. I’m grateful for the bodywork you do and for the energy healing you incorporate into each session. It’s a powerful combination! After experiencing months of pain, and receiving only minimal results from several other practitioners, my first session with you brought significant relief! You made a body/mind connection and shared your insight as to what might be the emotional root of my physical problem. You were right on. I made a mind-shift, I acted on my intuition, and my pain decreased. What a gift! Thank you. I’m now using my physical pain as a barometer of what’s really going on!

Linda M

You helped me so much, Theresa … I find I’m now viewing many things more calmly and clearly … I’m generally feeling more peaceful … I am able to now more easily bring myself back to being centered when I do find myself feeling off balance.  I’m looking forward to beginning a fresh new year, and yes I am feeling the sparkle of love and light within!


“Working with Theresa is a valuable connection for anyone looking to support and cherish a broader understanding of themselves. During each session, Theresa offers a compassion and a wisdom by knowing exactly when to support you in words and when to have you find them for yourself. It is through her many forms of genuine connection, verbal and non-verbal, physical and non-physical that Theresa offers a place of warmth, positivity and safety to share in the expression of your growth. Thus, it is with expansive joy, from a little speck of dust blissfully existing with the wind that I fully encourage your body and heart to be known by Theresa so that you too may catch the moments of Yourself continuously found and flourishing in this World in and beyond what we can currently see. Always + All Ways


I sat down next to Theresa at a Spirit Fair event and she asked how I was doing. I said “I need help” and proceeded to explain that I needed to write an affidavit to advocate for my daughter, I felt stuck and needed to find my voice, my words, my courage. Theresa set to work with such purpose and kindness, helping me remove obstacles and create space. After I felt clearer and lighter.

I confidently went home to write. The next day I submitted the necessary legal paperwork and then shifted into a creative mode.

I worked on an image of my hands and feet navigating in a landscape of fast moving water, surrounded by lush woods [see above and below].

The receptive and responsive flow that Theresa revealed to and in me, not only supported the necessary task of creating logical and clear writing, but also, to my delight was readily available to me, within the context of my art making. I was delighted with this unexpected gift, and I wept with joy, as I worked into the night on the images.

I returned to Theresa a few days later for a more intensive session. I felt strong and willing to excavate more layers of myself.

Theresa worked tirelessly, with a grace, attentiveness and generosity that I have rarely experienced with another person. I felt truly supported, seen and accepted by Theresa and as a result, by myself as well. It is hard to find words to describe the process and the results of Theresa’s deeply healing work. I continue to be amazed and grateful at how much more at ease and present I have felt in my own body, in my life and in my relationships, because of your work, Theresa. Namaste.


I just thought I would drop you a note to tell that I just came back from the hospital and Cory’s hip replacement went smoothly and he is resting well. He is singing your praises to all who will listen, he said he used the mantra you gave him and he said it worked great to keep him calm. He is so happy to have the surgery over and be in the recovery stage. He said he will book another appointment as soon as he can get onto the massage table.Hugs and blessings,


I have had numerous occasions to experience and benefit from Theresa’s healing hands and her intuitive nature. Not only is she great at getting the knots out but she has many wonderful items in her tool kit. Besides massage she has helped me with Somatic exercises and Energetic therapies such as Matrix. My life is totally enriched by having Theresa in it. I look forward to our every meeting, knowing that I will come out of it feeling better than when I entered. Thank you Theresa. You have many wonderful gifts and I, for one, am grateful that you choose to share!

Alice Grange

Theresa has the magic hands. After a session of a full body therapeutic message, I am so relaxed and calm. I like how she takes the time to check in first and listens. She gives her undivided attention and works with you on those emotional challenges and you do feel like there is a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

Isabel M

Theresa your tools of your trade would be your healing hands, and the warmth and strength that help release the tension in my body. the gentleness of your personality to be able to take the stress away, by the knowledge and understanding of knowing where the stress comes from, and your ability to ask the right questions for continued relief on a daily basis. I have laughed until i cried and felt intoxicated after sessions. You have magic in your hands and understanding in your heart.


Theresa Brulotte is one of the best healers I have ever worked with and I have worked with many. I go to her because she is holistic; she really works on body, mind, spirit, and emotions. She has helped me to release held and stuck emotions in my body to do with unhealthy relationships, overwork, depression, and heartache. She is a very sensitive, intuitive, and energetically-aware healer. She goes really deep physically and energetically without my feeling invaded or pushed. I am a sensitive person and I feel completely safe and listened to by her. She is affordable, fun, and kind so I keep going back!

Jade D.

When I first went to Theresa, I was concerned about a stiff neck. She started on my legs and lower back, saying “It’s all connected!” She found many places that were very tight and sore, and I felt much better afterward. She is very observant and intuitive, working at many levels simultaneously. While the physical is being dealt with, I also know things are happening on different planes, from past emotions and trauma to beliefs that no longer serve me. It really is all connected and I always feel the future is brighter every time I leave.

Robert M.

The biggest difference is that I feel happy. It’s a deep, quiet, inner happiness that I haven’t felt in a long, long time, if ever. The nagging depression is gone.

I also feel larger, more secure—knowing of my previous travels and lives.Am aware of my aura and yes, my heart did grow larger.I remember to sprinkle ‘gold dust’.