Consciousness Coaching; Through Mind and Body to your True Nature

Discover the gifts of your essential self, your true nature.

Have you heard the saying, “If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can’t, you are right”.

Learn to recognize your truths, verses learned behavior and conditioned belief’s coping mechanisms and habits.  I will help you unravel these layers, as well as inherited ancestral programming. I gently assisting you in getting in touch with your truths, strengths, and full potential.
Guiding you to discover and appreciate you,  your gifts, talents, and genuine nature.
Your being contains the blueprint of you. Together we will discover and release learned behaviors, traumas, and generational programs that are not your truth.

Together we will discover your home, you that you are, and always have been,   the natural way of being.

I have worked with clients for many years as a guide through uncertainty, trauma, grief, anxiety, and addictions. I assist clients in discovering their inner guidance and wisdom.


“Working with Theresa is a valuable connection for anyone looking to support and cherish a broader understanding of themselves. During each session, Theresa offers a compassion and a wisdom by knowing exactly when to support you in words and when to have you find them for yourself. It is through her many forms of genuine connection, verbal and non-verbal, physical and non-physical that Theresa offers a place of warmth, positivity and safety to share in the expression of your growth. Thus, it is with expansive joy, from a little speck of dust blissfully existing with the wind that I fully encourage your body and heart to be known by Theresa so that you too may catch the moments of Yourself continuously found and flourishing in this World in and beyond what we can currently see.” Always + All Ways, Taryn

 I come together with you  in absolute sincerity, mindfulness, presence, intuition, and 30 years of practice 

Sessions can be done on line as well as in person. Contact me via my web form for a free consult, or use the schedule now button to schedule a time that works for you.

Fees for Coaching 

60 minutes is $85.00

90 minutes is $110.00

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