Services and Classes



Arrive with tightness, leave with lightness. Re-balancing bodywork treats all structures of the body, physical, emotional and energetic. Our physical body is the container for our being. I combine and assist massage with energy work.

Energetic Alignment

Aligned energy flow results in enhanced health and well being. Realign your energies for optimal wellness. We are energy, and everything around us is energy. The unobstructed coherent flow of energy increases deeper sense of self, surroundings,  and improved health. 

Trauma Informed Energy Coach

Discover the gifts of your essential self, your true nature. Learn to recognize your truths, verses learned behaviour and conditioned belief’s coping mechanisms and habits.  I will help you unravel these layers, as well as inherited ancestral programming.


Classes and Workshops

Guided meditation to release stress, restore energies, and recenter into your natural way of being.