Meet Theresa

As we explore the nature of our gift, our goal is to move toward this kind of giving: cheerful giving that flows gently and easily. Kindly giving that flows surely from who we are. As we encounter the questions, “Who are we?” and “What do we love?”, the gift we bring will be easy because our gift naturally emerges from who we are. The offering we bring ourselves is just as we are. Our gift is our true nature. There can be no greater gift than this.

Wayne Muller

Hi, I am Theresa Brulotte. I do what I do because of my journey towards Balance Being and my true nature. My experience involved my evolution of awareness and growth, working my way through pain, emptiness, and sadness, to a place of freedom and joy. I now live a more balanced, centered, life. We are human beings, not doings.

My passion is to help others reclaim their true nature, peace, and belonging. Using an extensive “toolkit” of techniques, we explore and release the barriers preventing one’s true natural way of being, the essential self, centered, and balanced

I specialize in working with many realms of health and healing. I Work with past and present energies, ancestral energies, including physical, emotional and spiritual, guiding one into discovering the true nature, not the condition programmed self.

I am a volunteer for the Comox Valley Hospice Society.  I am honored and fortunate to be a part of life’s journey from beginning to end.  In the past, I have volunteered for Rainbows, a group where children can share their grief due to death and loss. Lastly, after completing my own Vision Quest, I now provide support to those on similar journeys.

The 4-day Vision Quest has had a profound impact on my way of life and my way of being. By living in the forest entirely alone, I gained the gift of personal healing. I developed a more profound compassion for all things and increased my spiritual connection and intuitive abilities.

Two particular areas of my work are with young people and the older population. It is so inspiring to assist young people who have lost their way to find and acknowledge their unique being and voice. Secondly, I have great respect and compassion for elder folks. I enjoy working to optimize their health, so they continue to share their wisdom and life experiences.

On a personal side, I live in the beautiful Comox Valley with my husband, Chris.  I am the proud mother of two amazing young adults who continue to teach me so much about life.  One of my greatest pleasures is learning from nature. I love watching the trees swaying with laughter in the wind, or sitting in stillness learning about life from the birds and bugs.

My Healing Certifications: