Arrive with tightness, leave with lightness.

I am currently not offering massage at this time. You will no longer find it in the booking or service page. You can still choose energetic alignment

Re-balancing bodywork treats all structures of the body, physical, emotional, and energetic.

Our physical body is the container for our being. It can inform us of areas that are fragmented and numb and areas that are in coherence.

I combine and assist massage with energy work. Together we become a team, increasing bodily awareness to create space, so numbness and pain shift into ease and fluidity, providing a greater sense of embodiment.

Physical and emotional tensions are resolved, and chronic patterns are released.

60 minute $100.00

90 minute $135.00

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via this web page or use the schedule now button to book an appointment

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“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Theresa’s body/energy work several times. Each time has been quite different—and very powerful. I always leave her place feeling more connected, relaxed, balanced, and centred after a treatment. Theresa knows many different modalities and knows intuitively what will work best at the time. I have experienced powerful changes each time I have had a treatment from her—a wonderful gift to my body, mind, and soul. I highly recommend her to anybody I hear complaining of issues.”

Norma R