The six-week SELF-DISCOVERY~RECOVERY WORKSHOP      is designed to give those experiencing persistent pain and P.T.S.D the tools to work in cooperation with healthcare professionals. It is an interactive workshop where keys to healthy living are shared by Wellness Practitioners. Mindfulness practices assist with dropping into the body, quietening mind and realigning Spirit, Energy and the Physical Body.


~ Breath (Pranayama) – positively influence how our bodies and mind feel.

~ Meditation – reconnect with our inner calm

~ Somatic/GiGong Practice – exploring bodily awareness, breath & relaxation

~Natural Posture – the way we think about and inhabit our bodies.

~ Intention –experimenting with the power of thought, noticing as we change the way we look at things, the things we are looking at change.

~ Mindfulness – tapping into our inner power by becoming conscious of our ability to move through triggers.

~ Sharing – experience the gift of being seen, heard and acknowledged

Performed regularly these practices give a sense of personal power and autonomy over life circumstances. They help to calm the nervous system and release unconscious tension… this relaxed state of being provides the space for inner healing to occur.


Facilitator:  Audrey-may Colwell/Theresa Brulotte

Dates:  Fridays, October 4th-Nov 8th         Time:  10:30am                      Cost: $250

For Registration, questions and for location please call: Audrey-may 250-792-3179






Come together to experience the ceremony of appreciation, connection and community. I will share what I have learned about connecting to the land, self and other’s. Experience the feeling of belonging, via the window of nature and self awareness. This will run for or 4 constitutive Sundays, each building on the other. you can come to just one or all.

1) learn about the importance of ceremony and how to connect deeply to the land.

2)Belonging, creating connection to the land. Session#2
Come together in ceremony, community, and connection. Experience belonging via immersing self in nature. Deepen Sit Spot connection to self, the land, and community. Get to the know Bliss of Being present, via nature. Sliding scale fee of $25 to $50.

3) How to safely allow and experience the energies and emotions of fear and grief, while honoring self and the land.

4) keeping yourself in the flow and practice of belonging.

Donations for my time and sharing would be greatly appreciated suggested sum of $25 to $50.  Please message me through-the contact page if you are coming . Bring something to sit comfortable on the ground with. Thank you


Join me and my co-facilitator Ted Yells.

A closer look into the mirror.
Unleash your potential.

Increase your self knowledge, and learn to recognize your patterns, behaviors and habits that do not serve you.  Learn ways to dissolve these patterns to discover your potential and your passions. Improve your awareness of energy, and learn techniques to increase your ability to interact with energy. Learn to interact and transform energies into powerful tools of personal growth. Contact me through the contact form if you are interested in the next session.


Testimonials from the last class:
I highly recommend the “Closer Look” course taught by Ted and Theresa. They are both amazingly gifted individuals with countless years of experience involving unique practices to facilitate a client’s personal self discovery, self awareness, soul healing, and a reconnecting of the mind, body, and spirit. They have taken their years of experience and created a course that teaches the practices and skills that they have found to be most effective with their clients over the years; teaching you in a safe and loving environment how to use these practices throughout your life for yourself and your loved ones. I have had the honour of participating in this course and continue to use these practices daily.

If you are a person who desires to shift various aspects of your life and your not afraid to look in the mirror and beyond, take Theresa and Teds workshop and embrace transformations.

The workshop was extremely interesting and insightful. The information and techniques they teach can be integrated into your life the day you learn it. Its magical how the workshop makes a difference in your life and also has a ripple effect on the lives of those around you! this is a “must do workshop” on your bucket list.

This course is an excellent way to be introduced to a variety of energy based healing modalities, and to deepen your understanding of energy. like the energy we worked with I found wonderful resources to help me better care for myself and others. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to explore this subject matter.

Contact us to inquire when these classes are being offered and pricing.

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