Deepening Awareness

My journey of deepening awareness has involved contemplation, digging, and regurgitating. I’ve been looking for that inner voice that lives within me. That place of peace, of harmony, of inner knowing. Deep truth. I know I cannot access it through my mind. I must sense it, feel it, soften into it. It’s that that is always there. I have been at this gate of awareness many times. This time I have more roots and a grounded base; that’s the process of cultivating good soil.

Cultivating solid, healthy ground involves looking deeply at what’s in the soil. Sensing it, feeling it, pulling weeds, aerating, and feeding it with nutrients.

We all have access to that place of peace, harmony, and inner knowing—deep truth—the deep voice within.

It’s no surprise that I have used the analogy of soil health to deepen awareness.

It is also my deepest desire to help the earth. I have heard within.

Heal the people, heal the land.

Heal the land, heal the people.

It works both ways.

What if it’s not about healing? But about opening to relationships, listening, and honoring all life processes.

We are all related and in relation to all that is.

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  1. Lovely, Theresa. And I like the new look of the blog.

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