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When we create a world based on specific core beliefs and reinforce those beliefs for years or decades, it is most unlikely we have any awareness we hold them, let alone change them. These beliefs are habitual, unconscious, embodied, unquestioned, seemingly authentic, constantly reinforced, assuming it is just the way it is, etc. ​

They create how we see, behave, and interact in the world and our relationships until we take that first step toward Transformational healing.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, an experience hidden in the unconscious because it was safe there becomes conscious. Paraphrasing one of my teachers, when the conscious knows it’s safe to unthaw pain that has been frozen, hidden, you will remember. Memories and energies surface to heal. 

Learning to be your compassionate witness helps ease the intensity that life can and does through your way. I recently went through a week of intense emotional energy. A painful experience in my unconscious became conscious. My week was uncomfortable; I felt anger, frustration, lack, no connection, and fragmentation.

 By being a gentle loving witness for myself, my emotions, and energies, honoring how I felt but not getting lost or wrapped up in the story of the mind, energies, or emotions, I didn’t get stuck in pain. I was able to allow the process to move through me. I was learning and receiving the gifts under the pain. 

 As a compassionate and nonjudgmental witness, using gentle inquiry, I felt like I could untangle the tangled ball of wool inside me. I could hold one end of the string and gently tug on it, healing old stories of pain and loss. 

Within that process, I could also share what I was experiencing with others who listened with an open, nonjudgmental heart. Being witnessed openly and gently is so helpful for the healing process. Our natural way of being is interconnected or intra-connected, referencing Dan Siegal. Humans are not meant to be alone or separated. First people’s survived living in tribes and communities. 

The other part of healing processing is giving yourself time and space for healing. As a culture, we have become conditioned to be busy, which leads to feeling time scarcity. Partly because we think it means we are essential if we are productive and doing; if we are not doing, it may be a struggle to settle into quiet. This belief that being productive has value is of a lifetime of conditioning for most of us. I could recognize I was also caught up on the busy train, doing too much and not leaving enough time for being, softening, and feeling. Coming back home to self, balanced and centered, is spacious, rooted freedom.

 I am compassionate about helping people find their way to being fully alive, present, and loved.

A client I recently worked with said, “thank you, you always help me find my way back to myself.” It’s our birthright to find our way home to our place of peace that is innate in our being. 

I have included a few links that I found inspiring or informative. 

Video by Roland Guenther Vancouver Island Homeopathy. Roland shows us the constant calling and answering going on in nature and how that contributes to relating to each other and also to our creativity.

I AM Here – Where Are You? – Vancouver Island Homeopathy 

Point of relation Thomas Hubl

An interview with Thomas Hubel and Gabor Mate

An interview with Tami Simon at sounds true with Dan Siegel.

YouTube IntraConnected: MWe (Me + We) Identity Shift with Dr. Daniel J. Siegel #IATELive – YouTube

or Spotify

An article on our shadow by David Buckland 

The below link is because I am so passionate about earth healing.

Climate crisis solutions Regenerative agriculture: Key to solving the climate crisis – Climate and Capital Media

I am here if you have questions or comments or want a guide to help you with a deep inquiry into finding your true gift of being.

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