Who am I, who are you?

Covid has been and continues to be quite an experience for us all. It has been both gift and grief. First, I am so tired of how life has become. I/we are living many sorrows, and many of us are discovering inner strengths.What I miss is the freedom to move, to be without questioning safety. I miss human companionship and hugs. We need each other,| we are part of an interconnected species. This has provided me the opportunity to appreciate and understand relationships deeply.Covid has exposed many flaws or cracks in society and the equality of the human race. The greed and programming of consumerism. It has exposed hidden generational fears and a lack of trust in each other. I am also surprised by what I would call the lack of common sense—the unwillingness to seek out truths and then project conspiracy theories and fear.I have been doing personal work, calling it my Slaying of untruths, doing my best to discover the profound truth that is. This exploration has deepened my compassion for all,. Untruth slaying brings to mind the verse from Mitchell verse 52

Tao Te Ching; Translated by Stephen Mitchell

In the beginning was the Tao.
All things issue from it;
All things return to it….

We just need to learn how to navigate our way through. We are born with that awareness of truth deep within. It is a choice and a responsibility to go deep, unraveling the millennia of conditioning, trauma, and programming.

I wrote a poem I want to share.

Wake the Hell up
Drop to your knees and surrender.
Surrender your pride, your pain, your anger.
Surrender your need to be right, to be better.
Surrender your fear, your numbness.
Drop to your knees, surrender it all to the earth

Let her receive your tears of release.
Let her teach you about the brilliant ecosystem of resilience, interdependency, and respect for all relations.

As you Release your years of pain, fear, hate, inequality, a part of you starts to thaw, allowing you to feel the heartbeat within, and feel the echo of the earth's rhythmic heartbeat within yours.
Space grows within the heart, the heart glowing, melting, and warm.

The earth mother, the universe, can teach you of the beauty and integrity within you.
See and feel this reflection of the love she has for you. 
Be the love, honor, and respect to her, to all relations as you would like others to be to you.
We are all related; we are all one, one presence, omnipotent. 

I also want to include this exert from Thomas Hubel’s new book on Trauma and healing, “Spirituality is not something additional; it is part and parcel of our nature. For me, spirituality has to do with connectivity—with something beyond the individual. It reveals that we are not just connected, but actually part of something much greater than anything that can be understood individually or intellectually.” (from “Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds” by Thomas Hübl, Julie Jordan Avritt, William Ury)


  1. Thank you Theresa.

  2. Beautiful, Theresa. I especially liked your poem.

  3. A true awakening for our body mind and spirit Thank You Theresa……

  4. Cathy Snyder

    Such a powerful word and process you talk about Theresa, thank you for writing from your heart.

  5. Thank you Cathy, in the heart is our truth.

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