I recently heard a life story about inspiration, perspiration, dedication, and success in finding your true nature.

I attend a talk given by Dananjaya Hettiarachahi of Sri Lanka. In his presentation he shared with us his life story thus far, he spoke of transforming his life, from a place of going nowhere fast, to the realization that there are always possibilities for passion and fulfillment.

Dan begins by telling us of the time he was thrown in jail as a teen for assault; he tells us how his parent response to that action turned his life around. His mother was disappointed, his father said to him if you aren’t going to school that’s fine, but you must do something, Dan started working for a friend of his fathers. That man said to Dan, I see something special in you, I don’t know what, but I see something special. No one had ever said that to him before. This man became a mentor to Dan, without him even realizing it. This man helped Dan see value in himself. Dan went back and finished to school, then college.

Along his journey, he went to a toastmaster meeting and discovered he enjoyed speaking. He was further inspired when he saw an award-winning speaker; he realized that was his way to meet his dreams of being able to travel the world.

Dan shared with us his experience of becoming an accomplished speaker; it took him ten tries before he won the competition. On his last attempt, he was comfortable with his life; he didn’t care as much about the goal of winning, he had already won greatly in personal discovery and growth.

When we are so close to an absolute goal, human nature tends to lead to its self to sabotage, because of the unconscious conditioning program of not good enough. Self-sabotage showed up in the form of not having his visa completed in time to travel to India. He told his mentor this, thinking he was out and didn’t have to go. The mentor took the visa and returned a day later with it signed for travel. Apparently, the mentor was a man with connections.

Dan said it is essential to have people who will help you reach your goals, for precisely this reason, they don’t let you give up.

When Dan spoke at the 2014 international speaking competition, he won. He attributes his win to being fully present and satisfied with himself. Comfortable with his nature.

Dan said rigor, hard work, failure, learning from that and still trying, brings out your true nature. You get to experience our gifts and strengths, your character. You will come to know your true nature, through your passion, Passion feeds your purpose, filling you with the desire to show up and live life fully.

Dan said you’ll know you have found your true nature when you discover what you are doing is easy and you can never get enough of it. Once you acknowledge your true nature, everything else just falls into place. You live from a place of ease, being comfortable in your skin. Knowing you are enough, knowing yourself deeply.

Ladies and Gentlemen, have you given yourself the opportunity to dream, to have a goal, and really go for it? We all have a choice. In some ways, life has never been easier. We don’t have to fight off tigers for survival.

Some of you may disagree with me about survival because of the global unrest that is happening. But again, change and choice start with self first. I choose to live my life in accordance with honour, of myself, my people, and the land. I also know that where thoughts go energy flows. Those ideas, that energy guides the future.

What are your thoughts creating for the future? Are you caught up in the news of life being unjust and tragic? Ask yourself why? How does it serve you, what are you getting from it?

Do your thoughts allow you to show up, to be hopeful, to be an example for others? Do they give you insight into your true nature, your gift of being? Or are you being dragged along with the masses, on the wings of mind controlling media?

What would it be like to break free from ancient cultural conditioning, and mind controlling media of fear? What would it be like to learn to play with the discovery of what brings you peace, contentment, and a sense of ease?

Dan did this and still does. In a 3rd world country, he beat the odds and became an example of hope and possibilities. His passion led him to his natural way of being, and now he teaches and encourages others to do the same.

I can relate to Dan’s journey; I came to where I am today though struggle, the struggle is a great teacher. From deep down inside of me, I knew there had to be more to life than just participating, being a watcher, and a consumer.

I am, on the path of my passion, my true nature. Today I challenge you to go deep inside of self with curiosity and ask yourself are you living your true nature?

Dananjaya’s award winning speach

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  1. Thanks, Theresa. It sounds like it was a great talk.

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