Always do the best you can

I read a quote by Sadhguru “Always do the best you can for whoever is around, because tomorrow either they may be gone or you may be gone.” 

This quote is very close to my heart right now. I recently returned from a celebration of life for a dear friend. He was the best man at our wedding, and my husband’s best friend from childhood. He was what we thought a healthy man and the same age as us.

The message in this quote that resonates the most with me right now is: life is far too short to make excuses like “Yes, let’s get together, but right now I am too busy” or “Yes, soon we will make time.” We didn’t make that time and time slipped through our fingers. For our friend, time is gone and I feel sad that we missed that time to share experiences and families. After being at the celebration of life, I realized and remembered how much I care for these people, and again wondered how time slipped through our fingers so fast.

I now realize it is so important to connect, even if it is for a brief chat. In this past, I’ve stopped myself from reaching out, thinking even if I am not busy maybe my friend is. How do I know they’re busy? Maybe they’re not busy either, and the connection could turn out to be most appreciated.

As a culture, we have lost track of what is most valuable: community, friendships, and caring for one another. In earlier culture, family and community relied on each other for survival. Everyone had a responsibility to the village to help keep the people healthy, whole, fed and cared for.  Children were raised with love and care and could discover their own strength and weaknesses. Elders were respected and cared for. People came together to share work, rest, and play.

What happened? How did we get so far from this? What does doing your best mean to you? Have you asked yourself what it means to be fully alive? What have you done today that makes you feel good about yourself and your people?

Be careful not to get caught up in trying to do everything. Your best is knowing balance for yourself. Honoring your being, your time, and the time of others. You are responsible for your self. Take care and take charge of what matters to you and your people, because tomorrow might not come.

Another important part doing your best is: give yourself permission to appreciate yourself, and your best in the time and space that you had? What would it be like to live as if every day was a special gift, would you do your best to be fully present for yourself and your people?

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Theresa

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