Here at Balanced Being you are honoured as you are, you are met and listened to.

Do you find yourself feeling like you have more potential, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but you seem to be stuck? You want to change the routine or rut you are in, your habits continue, even though you don’t want them to. You have a yearning, an inner knowing that you are not living your heart’s desire. I can help with that. I specialize in helping others reclaim their health, passion, and essential natural way of being.

Open the windows below to see how each of the techniques may benefit you.


Come with tightness, leave with lightness.

Energetic Alignment

Realign your energies to
ease and flow.


Discover the gifts of
your essential self.

Classes & Workshops

access your own
innate wisdom

Recent Posts

  • Who am I, who are you?

    Covid has been and continues to be quite an experience for us all. It has been both gift and grief. First, I am so tired of how life has become. I/we are living many sorrows, and many of us are discovering inner strengths.What I miss is the freedom to move, to be without questioning safety. …

  • Here Now

    Do you ever stop and pay attention to your thoughts? What do you notice? Are your thoughts going around and around, like a gerbil running on the wheel? Are they even relevant to the current moment?Are you a prisoner to your mind and the constant continuous thoughts, chatter. In the middle of the night, when …

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